10,000 Hrs: Vancouver Regional Exhibition

Presented by the CCBC as part of its 40th Anniversary Celebrations
Shadbolt Centre for the Arts
April 15th – May 1st, 2013
Burnaby, BC
Deadline: March 8th, 2013

To celebrate the Craft Council of BC’s 40th Anniversary in 2013, a juried exhibition will present works that will be a response to the theme of “10,000 Hrs”.
Malcolm Gladwell identified 10,000 hours as the “magic number of greatness” in his book Outliers: The Story of Success. You have invested, or are working towards 10,000 hours in your own expertise. You are intimately familiar with many aspects of your chosen materials -what they can and can’t do, where you can push them, and you are also aware of their metaphoric, communicative potential. Craftspeople have much in common with other skilled practitioners who use their hands. 10,000 hours invites you to honour a person who has made a similar investment into his or her discipline through a new work, or submit a previous work which you feel best represents your investment in your discipline.
For details on how to submit, please view thisĀ PDF.