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Katherine Soucie returned from attending the Surface Design Association conference in San Antonio this week and was hoping to reach out to some of you regarding a fundraising event she is hosting on June 22nd in support of the Textile Arts Program at Capilano University. 

 Although, most of you are probably aware the program received news this week that it has been cut along with other art programs at the institution, all is not lost yet.

As it stands, there will be one more graduating class from the Textile Arts Department in 2014 and the money Katherine’s  has raised from the sale of her EFW 13 collection to date will contribute towards a private scholarship(s) for these students.  

 The focus of this event will be to raise more funds for this scholarship through the sales of donated works by former Textile Arts Alumni.  So if any Alumni would like to donate work please contact her at or to arrange a time in the coming week to drop off your work.  If you are out of town and are able to ship something this would be grand!   Her studio address is 1889 Powell St. Vancouver, BC V5L 1H8   

 In addition to your donation, if you have images, website info, promo items please include this in your email/drop off as we are putting together a press release and website. 

She will set up a silent auction of your items with all proceeds from the sales of your work going to this scholarship (Please don’t forget to include full retail of your items).  If any of you have other suggestions please feel free to email Katherine and let her know.

She would also like to encourage and ask all other local artists and designers from Vancouver to contribute something as well. She is creating few gift bags/baskets filled with locally made and designed items and services and would greatly appreciate donations from you.  If you items, a service or gift certificate to offer please contact Katherine to arrange a time for collection.  Your donation ( along with with any promo info as well) will be included in a series of draws with proceeds going towards the programs scholarship. I really would like to include all donors on our info so please don’t be shy and send that info along as well.

She really wants to thank all of those who have come forward and contributed to date and look forward to this all coming together.  She is also planning a series of events over the course of the summer through the ( zero.O.lab) satellite gallery. where she would like to showcase an artist a week in my studio.  More details to come soon.

Please pass this message to others in the community as well!