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The purpose of this project is to explore craft in BC in terms of its production (craft artists, artist collectives, courses, arts councils) and distribution (craft markets, retailers, private and public galleries) and CCBC’s place in it. We have been in contact with organizations that engage with the craft community over the summer in an effort to connect with as many craftspeople (CCBC members and non-members) as possible.

The goals of the project include determining the level of interest within the craft community for the development of a mobile app for craft in BC. Although this portion of the project is in its infancy, we hope to be able to facilitate studio tours, promote BC craft, and offer a variety of services to craftspeople themselves through the app. At this stage, the responses we have received indicate a very high level of interest among members of the craft community.

As a final outcome for the cultural mapping project, we are working on documenting our research findings in the form of an infographic scheduled for completion in early September. We have also interviewed a number of craftspeople in each region and working in a variety of media in an effort to represent some of the diversity that exists within BC’s craft community. We hope to be able continue this project as it allows us to better fulfil our mandate of supporting and representing BC’s craft sector.

If you are interested in participating in the cultural mapping project, or learning more about the craft app, please fill out our form! Simply click here, or email Melanie at