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At the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery, we have taken down our nod to Fine Craft and the Craft Council of BC.  A sad feeling.  The show was a huge success on many levels.  Attendance was almost double, the reaction of visitors was so positive, it was a calm show and people stayed a long time examining pieces of pottery, carvings, wood, fiber art etc.  We tend to be a more casual gallery and are housed in a 100 year plus building so the craft looked great in the gallery and our hanging team headed by Leona Petrak did an amazing job of staging the gallery.    I think many really related to the show.  I am not sure but I think our sales were up also, which is always a good thing.  We are honored to have taken part in helping you celebrate 10,000 hours and the importance of craft.  We even had a debate on What is Fine Craft, What is Fine Art in a public forum.  It was fun and not one tomato was launched at the panel.  It actually ended with everyone begging for more discussion.

Again Thanks for including us.

Kathy Holmes
President, Arts Council of Ladysmith and District