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the current exhibition at the whtie rock museum, Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Transformative Power of Craft is hosting meet the artist events on sundays from 1 pm – 3 pm for the duration of the show which is running to october 15….artists will demonstrate and discuss their respective art. Don’t miss these opportunities to learn more about craft art! Admission to the museum is free on Sundays for this show only.

wr cup

Cup & Saucer quiet in the chaos series, Samantha Knopp

Sam Knopp – October 6

“I have always been intrigued by the idea of opposites. I am interested in staging possible reconciliations, bringing seemingly irreconcilable things or ideas together as I play with order and chaos, function and sculpture, and the ideologies and aesthetics of modernist thought with the handcrafted object.These images represent a small part of a larger collection of wares I have developed over the last six months. The craterous and oozing glazes present in these wares was developed through a long process of trial and error in the recipe and firing procedure as I tried to make a ‘lava glaze’ inspired by the sculptural vessels of Hans Coper and Lucie Rie that might still be suitable for functional wares. After creating hundreds of test tiles from many different glaze recipes, I think this body of work best represents my commitment to my craft, as becoming an expert is as much learning how to control one’s medium as it is embracing its idiosyncrasies and letting the material’s voice come through as well.”

Place: White Rock Museum, 14970 Marine Drive, White RockSponsored by: White Rock Museum and Semiahmoo ArtsContact: Amanda Sittrop, 604.541.2230