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red deer ceramics

Today, in a successful artistic career, an artist will move through a variety of titles – Student, Emerging Artist, Mid-Career or Established Artist, Senior Artist, and maybe if one is truly lucky, National Treasure (or some other lovely honorific). Not every artist experiences every one of these titles nor will every artist experience them for the same amount of time. And not every artist knows what their title might be at any given point.
Curated by Robin Lambert, Once + Future: Canadian Contemporary Ceramics features artists who have all been recognized in various ways for the way they burst on to the Canadian Art Scene. Now comes the next step, the harder step, the bigger step – proving that new voice they once shouted with is not just a Once but also a Future idea to share.
Artists featured in Once + Future: Alwyn O’Brien, Amelie Proulx , Brendan Tang and Alex McLeod