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Dear Filberg Festival and Craft Council of BC

I would like to thank both organizations for awarding me the Bursary to attend the 2014 Filberg Festival and the cheque for marketing purposes for Finely Found Designs’ Canine Collection!Part of our Canine Collection at Finely Found Designs

My participation in the 2014 Filberg Festival was an amazing le
arning experience and the weather was just perfect.  I met many wonderful people, had a perfect booth location, had great neighbours and yes, made sales.  The event was very well organized and the Filberg staff and volunteers had lots of patience.  The grounds were immaculate and there was a genuine air of elegance and professionalism which complemented the high quality art at this event.

The food was also great as was the music.  Since I was by myself in my booth, I was not able to spend much time visiting with other vendors or seeing their works of art but I did meet a few of the other artists as they walked by my booth.

All in all my participation in the 2014 Filberg Festival was a wonderful gift and I am grateful to have had this very special opportunity awarded to me.

Thank you once again.

Heather A. Hamilton