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language of craft

Is “craft” a dreaded five letter word? Or is it a positive time-honoured description of the creativity, skill and dedication required to make marvelous objects? A project part of the CCF Craft Year 2015, this exhibition will examine words, terms, meanings and the language of craft. The show will feature exemplary aspects of contemporary fine craft, along with artist-contributed words, phrases, quotes, texts, about the work.

How do you describe or write about your work? Is your work influenced by William Morris, punk rock lyrics, feminist theory or Zen meditation. Do you speak or write formally about craft? What do you think about the public perceptions or misperceptions of craft? Do you have urgent opinions about the literature and language of craft? Or would you simply like to write about what “craft” means to you?

This is an open call exhibition. Work will be selected based on both its merit and the connection with this idea of craft language.

Exhibition Dates: April 4 – July 4, 2015 – ACC Feature Gallery

Submission Content:
– current CV with contact information
– written thoughts on the language ideas posed above
– artist biography and statement
– high quality images of the work to be presented in the exhibition
– image list: title, year created, dimensions, materials and techniques
– high quality portrait of the artist (in the studio or against a neutral background)

Submissions can be sent via email, online or by post
Post: Alberta Craft Council – 10186 – 106 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 1H4