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Today some of our member’s are sharing a special behind the scenes peek at their creative process and telling the story behind what they are working on. We think that the story and person behind a beautifully crafted piece of work can be  just as interesting as the finished artwork.


“While living in Israel I came to know and love Moroccan culture and cuisine. Those contemporary tagines are my own twist on this unique oven baker. Balancing traditional form with Japanese minimal aesthetics, they make a wonderful functional piece of pottery for the minimalists between us. This picture shows tagines drying before the first firing. They will be white with tiny black specks and some melted blue glass in the knob.” Ann Maliatski, Golem Designs

“I am weaving willow in a 3 rod wale technique up the willow stakes to make a willow tower. Traditionally these are used in the garden as plant supports but I am making 5 of these for an upcoming exhibit at the Maple Ridge Art Gallery, Mar. 5-Apr.25, called ‘of clay, cloth, and wattles’. It is too cold outside to weave for long so I go at it sporadically.” Melanie Thompson, for more information on Melanie’s upcoming exhibition visit here.


I am currently working on Vanishing Ice a series of drawings that deal with global warming. I use mirror images of enlarged maps and trace them on different thin plastic salvaged from industrial waste. I am presently working on Antartica, the fourth and last of the series depicting iconic glaciers of the world.” Sylvie Roussel-Janssens

Are you interested in locally hand crafted work? We invite you to come visit the Crafthouse where we carry exquisite hand-crafted items by our member artists. By purchasing a piece of contemporary hand-crafted art, you are adding something unique and wonderful to your life and supporting our talented local artists.


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