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Marcus Bowcott Trans Am Totem Vancouver Biennale
Have you viewed Marcus Bowcott’s latest sculptural installation, Trans Am Totem, curated by the Vancouver Biennale?

The sculpture is composed of 5 real scrap cars stacked up an old growth cedar tree. The artwork considers our consumer “out with the old, in with the new” culture in relation to the site, its history and Vanvoucevers evolving identity.

You can’t take the 10 metre high, 11,340 kilogram Trans Am Totem home but this ceramic piece by Bowcott is available at the Crafthouse and can be added to your collection. Part of Bowcott’s “Bush Dynasty Vase Series” it echoes his recurring exploration of the artefacts of consumerist culture.

View the vase at the Crafthouse 1386 Cartwright St, Granville Island and Trans Am Totem at Quebec Street and Milross Avenue in Vancouver.

(Photo of Trans Am Totem by roaming-the-planet)