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parker art salon

The iconic 1000 Parker Street warehouse is a Vancouver landmark, hosting 4 floors of artists diverse in style and discipline. In such an environment, the buzz of creativity is ongoing night and day. It is here a unique community of les beaux arts thrives.
1000 Parker street is located near Venables and Clark…

on May 01st 2015, an opening reception will be held for the Parker Art Salon, an event which will have a hall exhibition and open studios on May 02 and May 03 from the hours of 12 noon – 4pm.

The salon is fashioned in the spirit of the Paris Salon—or perhaps Salon des Refusés and will feature a selection Arts d’Oeuvres—38 artists presenting salon style down one Hall.It will be an exceptional opportunity to discuss art, to meet, socialize, and to purchase directly from the artist.

For further details or to see the artists who make up the parker street studios check out their website at