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New School of Lace is inviting all new as well as experienced lacemakers to brave the leaf tallies! It is easier than you think… because wire is a perfect medium for leaf making. Start simply with green wire, two pairs of bobbins and a seed, and see what you can grow in one-day workshop with Lenka.

April workshop follows the spring theme with leaf motif. Leaves have a special place in lace design. They are bold, prominent and quite beautiful. In fibre lace, the leaf tallies can be difficult to master, and because of that, they are often feared by new lacemakers.

Wire medium is quite different, though, and suits perfectly to successful leaf-making. Exploring foliage in wire lace is exciting, because the process is so much easier that negotiating tallies in thread. Lacemakers can relax, have fun and create beautiful leaves of all shapes. In this workshop, instruction will cover three kinds of leaves: plaited leaves, leaf tallies and 3-pair leaves, as well as colour variations in leaf design and implementing leaf design in wearable lace jewellery. With just two pairs of bobbins, lacemakers will create a seedling pendant, and add one more pair to start a vine that can grow into a necklace, bracelet or a garland ornament. This workshop is suitable for beginners, but is also open to experienced lacemakers, especially those who want to overcome lacemaker’s leaf-phobia, and see that they can become happy and prolific leaf growers. Detailed information and registration can be accessed here.