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Fibre, Metal, Wood and Clay collaborative projects are being sought for an exhibition at
The Window ,  Roundhouse Vancouver
Presented by the Greater Vancouver Weavers’ and Spinners’ Guild &
Vancouver Metal Arts Association

*note: deadline is april 01st; however due to administration error on our end, late entries are being accepted. please get your applications in at the earliest possible occasion.*

To celebrate 2015 – the Year of Craft as well as the weavers and spinners’ guild’s 80th anniversary, artisans working in fibre, metal, wood and clay are encouraged to explore synergies across various artistic practices and create collaborative projects. The results of these collaborations will be exhibited at various locations during 2015. Submissions are being sought for an exhibition at the Roundhouse in Vancouver during May and June 2015. Submission Information:

▪ All work must be hand crafted and part of a collaborative project by at least two artisans from different disciplines. The collaborative product may be one item, e.g., woven belt with wooden buckle, or it may be a complementary set of items, e.g., woven placemat with a bowl or set of dishes.
▪ At least one of the artisans must be a member of one of the sponsoring organizations.
▪ A maximum of 3 collaborative products can be submitted by artisans working together.
▪ All work must be less than two years old and not previously exhibited.
▪ Work must be original in design and execution.
▪ All items must be ready for display with any custom hanging materials or display props included.
▪ Display cases at the Roundhouse include one glass cabinet “Window” 11′ x 10″ x 3′ and two free-standing glass cabinets 14″ x 14″ x 5′. All have adjustable shelves.
▪ Submitted collaborative items must be of a size that can be comfortably and effectively displayed in these cases.
Each submission must include:
▪ Description of materials and techniques used
▪ Completed entry form
▪ Digital image of each work, minimum 300 DPI at size (JPEG or TIFF format)
▪ Each item is to be clearly labeled with the artisans’ names, title of the piece and retail price or NFS.
▪ If the items are for sale, include artisan contact information. The Roundhouse is not responsible for sales.
▪ Each artisan’s biography (150 words each) and an artisan collaborative statement (150 words).

Entry Form west coast synergies

Diana Herbst
Bonnie Nash