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National Volunteer week Canada

Who contributes a value of $1.6 billion* to arts and culture organisations? The 764,000 Canadians who generously give 97 million hours of their time as volunteers.

Creativity leads to a flourishing, thriving society and investing in the arts is a path to Canadian prosperity. A recent stud y shows that 92% of Canadians believe arts and culture make their communities a better place to live. The economic  benefits of the arts  alone are impressive in terms of contributions to employment and the GDP, consumer spending, and volunteer hours and civic engagement.

Craft is often undervalued and overlooked. The Craft Council of British Columbia is the best organization to remedy this through outreach, exhibitions, partnerships and social enterprise. Our volunteers have been, and continue to be, essential to the success of the CCBC over the past 41 years. They are the friendly faces you see when you enter the Crafthouse shop, they keep you updated through our newsletter and website, they are our dedicated board members and they contribute through countless other actions. They are all part of the ripple effect and we want to say a huge THANK YOU to them!


* Based on the average hourly wage in the arts, entertainment and recreation industries.