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How often do you think about the journey the objects you surround yourself with took? In the video Copper x Light we are invited to look a little closer at the objects we live with. A young boy sees his surroundings and wonders about the secret history of the spoon in his hands. The film takes us on a journey into the fiery metal shop of Stefanie Dueck and then rides along with her to Granville Island as she delivers her work to be sold at the Crafthouse on Granville Island. Making sustainable choices is part of the journey from creator to end user in craft products and highlights the importance of sustainable choices that support local artists.

This video promotes the Crafthouse, the social enterprise program of the Craft Council of BC, as one of the best places to buy locally handcrafted work.  It  was created as part of the Play It Forward video contest, which was designed to bring together a creative pool of local filmmakers and non-profit communities to make Metro Vancouver a better place to live!

For this video we partnered with the amazing team at Tomo Suru Films. They went above and beyond to create an excellent final result and we were impressed by their creativity and professionalism. The fact that they were a lot of fun to work with was an added bonus!

We are so excited to share this video with you and encourage you to share it far and wide.