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1986 Fashion

Please join us as we travel back to the year 1986. Top Gun was the highest grossing film of the year, British Surgeons performed the worlds first triple transplant and Lindsay Lohan was born. It is was also the last time the Crafthouse was significantly renovated!

To better showcase the work of our amazingly talented artists we are expanding the gallery space, putting hardwood floors throughout, reworking the retail floor plan and yes – getting new and more welcoming awnings.

We have received a generous grant from the City of Vancouver Infrastructure Program of $20,000 that needs to be matched in order for us to access the funds. So far we have received $1,133 and need your help to raise the remaining $18,867.

Donating is easy! Just visit our donations page here!  You can make one time or recurring donations and designate that your donation go towards the Crafthouse renovation. Thank you for helping the Crafthouse reach her full potential!

Crafthouse Granville Island Craft Gallery