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Artist to Artist Rachael Ashe

Welcome to our new blog series Artist to Artist! In these posts you will hear first hand hints and tips on a range of topics from our professional member artists. First up we will be hearing from Vancouver artist Rachael Ashe!

Rachael’s process driven work is instantly recognizable and she is constantly experimenting to push the boundaries of her work as an artist. She maintains an active social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Today she answered some of our questions on why social media is important for artists, why it is worth putting time and energy into it and some handy tips for new users!

Why do you think it is important to use social media as an artist?

I think Social Media empowers artists to take control of their own careers, to directly reach an audience and make a name for themselves, rather than the old way of working within a gallery system to represent an artist and their work.

Why is it worth investing your time and energy into maintaining an active presence on Instagram?

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have allowed me to share my work and build an audience both locally and globally. Instagram is my favourite place to share work because I feel most directly connected with a community of creative people. It plays a role in keeping me motivated on a daily basis to create and to share work, things that inspire me, and local art events. It’s worth the investment in time for artists to be active users of Instagram because it’s actually where many artists are discovered these days.

What is the best thing to have come from using Instagram?

The best thing is easily getting to know other creative people, making connections, and participating in a vibrant online community. I’ve also sold pieces of artwork, had clients reach out about commissioning new work, attracted IG followers to attend my workshops or shows, and I’ve had exhibition opportunities come my way all because people discovered my work on Instagram.

Any thoughts or advice you’d like to offer someone who is just starting out with using Instagram?

If you’re just getting started with Instagram make sure you explore the app thoroughly because there is a lot of functionality that is not obvious to people. Learn how to use hashtags properly, and share something on Instagram as often as possible. Daily is best!

Feeling inspired by Rachael’s enthusiasm for Instagram? Are you an artist who has wanted to dip your toe into the world of Instagram but felt intimidated and overwhelmed? Hesitate no more and book yourself into this hands on Instagram workshop for beginners on Saturday June 13th 2015 with the Craft Council of British Columbia! For all the information and to register head over here.