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Congratulations to our winners! 1st place : Vilya Ou, 2nd place: Louise Perrone, 3rd place: Rhona Law

Congratulations to our The Earring Show winners! 1st place : Vilya Ou, 2nd place: Louise Perrone, 3rd place: Rhona Law

We believe that one can never have enough fun nights out or enough earrings! That is why the Craft Council of British Columbia decided to host The Earring Show for the second year in a row on Saturday June 27th, 2015. This one night only fundraiser featured earrings made by talented artists in every shape, size, material and concept. It was the perfect night for people to treat themselves to their first piece of art jewellery or to add to their collections. Everyone knew to come early to avoid missing out on the best selection of earrings and we had a packed Crafthouse buzzing with energy and excitement.

This fabulous evening raised funds for some much needed renovations to our beloved Crafthouse! She hasn’t been significantly renovated since 1986 and by purchasing a ticket to the show and a pair (or a few pairs) of gorgeous earrings it made a dent in our $20,000 fundraising goal. It’s easy to donate, just click here and donate now!

Not only did we fundraise for the Crafthouse at The Earring Show we also had a jury selecting 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes based on creativity, contemporary design and innovation! Congratulations to our winners-

1st place : Vilya Ou

2nd place: Louise Perrone

3rd place: Rhona Law

We’d like to say a big thank you to Vancouver Metal Arts Association and Lacy West ( for their generous donations to our prize packs!  Are you interested in sponsoring or donating prices to future Craft Council of BC events? Please email

Thank you to everyone who came to the show, all the amazing artists, our fabulous jury and also to the CCBC staff and volunteers. We already can’t wait to see you at The Earring Show in 2016!


The Earring Show Vilya Ou Perspective Earring

1st Place Vilya Ou

Louise Perrone The Earring Show

2nd Place Louise Perrone

The Earring Show Rhona Law Winner

3rd Place Rhona Law

The Earring Show Earring Display

Chloe Zia, The Balance

Chloe Zia, The Balance


Julie925, Multihoop

Julie925, Multihoop

Terry Wu Victor, Poried

Terry Wu Victor, Poried