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“WE are the CCF”

– Emma Quin, CEO, Craft Ontario
That such a simple statement caused quite a stir for those attending the Canadian Crafts Federation annual meeting last weekend in Quebec City is very telling. Usually at these meetings, we spend a great deal of time trying to decide what portion of a project is the CCF’s responsibility, what its exact role is and how to manage the processes needed to support this role. We treat the CCF as a separate entity that we are all tasked with running.

But it isn’t. As CCBC’s ED, I have been an active part of the CCF for the past seven years, I am the chair of the Advocacy Committee, co-chair the International Committee, sit on the Governance Committee and routinely support the president(s) around HR. Yet when asked, I always say that CCBC is a CCF member – I have never said that CCBC and all the artists we represent are the CCF.

And I was wrong – we are and so is every provincial & territorial craft council (PCC/TC) in Canada.

The CCF only exists to promote excellence in Canadian contemporary craft nationally and internationally, whether that is through international exhibitions, conferences or movements like Craft Year or Citizens of Craft. The only way we accomplish any of these activities is through the ongoing contributions of the PCC/TCs – whether it be in time, money, energy or expertise. There are no CCF self-directed projects, there are only national or regional projects that various PCC/TCs take the lead on that are coordinated to varying degrees through the CCF office.

So while “WE are the CCF” is evident in our collective actions, it has not yet been infused into our collective approach to the CCF. My hope is that this tiny shift in perspective will serve to refocus and invigorate the CCF to accelerate our collective efforts to internationally & nationally promote you and the Canadian contemporary craft sector.  


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