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Craft & the Creative Economy

On Feb 4th the BC government announced that it “will be targeting $1.5 million over the next three years towards shared creative spaces. More and more, these shared spaces are proving to be catalysts for creative activity by providing sustainable facilities for organizations and individual artists.”

Before this announcement, the craft sector has not been formally included in the discussions around the creative economy. I’m not sure why – it may be because craft doesn’t fall under the catchment of Creative BC, or perhaps we haven’t been lobbing hard enough so we have been overlooked.

But as you all know – we are a part of the creative economy and always have been. As individual artists, studios, craft markets, co-ops, associations and organizations, we contribute significantly to the economy of our region, the province and to this country.

So, I am asking everyone to reinforce the inclusion of the craft sector at the table. How? Send your MLA a short email thanking them for recognizing the importance of the creative economy through this initiative and craft’s contribution to the creative economy – just a thank you from you on behalf of the craft economy in your region. To find out who your MLA is click here. Click here for a copy of the government press release.

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