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Kalika Bowlby

As a craftsperson or craft artist it is important that you produce photographs that are as beautiful as the product or artwork you are showcasing! We’d like to encourage everyone to apply the same high standards to all areas of your business as you do to crafting your products and artworks. This includes photography and the success of your business may depend on it.

Just because your work looks amazing in real life if your photographs are blurry, poorly lit or badly composed it will reflect badly on your work and may hamper your business. People viewing your photos only have the photographs themselves to judge your work upon not the real thing. Do you want them to incorrectly judge your creditability, level of skill or the quality of your work because of bad photography? Of course not!

The internet now allows you to share your work in more places than ever but you need good photos to properly show your exquisitely hand-crafted contemporary craft product or artwork online. You also need good photographs when submitting your work to galleries, for craft shows, retail locations and press opportunities. You can’t show the real thing in these situations so photographs have to do a lot of the work!

After putting so much work into the creative process behind making your work it is well worth it to put in some more time and effort to capture it in its best light! By using good photography to promote your work you will open more doors, raise your credibility and make more sales.

After reading this and looking at some of the examples of the great photographs our members use to share their work we encourage you to look at your own photography. Do you think it could be improved? If you do then let us be the first to say “Congratulations!” This means that you have discovered an area to grow and improve in your business. Improving your photography may take some more time and effort but we are confident that the results will be worth it!

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