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Around The Council- A message from our Executive Director Raine Mckay

Tracking your economic impact

The Cultural Economy Initiative of the provincial government is exploring many avenues to support the work of BC artists – international touring, cultural tourism, support for training, access to new markets and community investment in the arts.

CCBC wants to ensure that the varying perspectives from the craft sector are considered in the planning of these activities. To ensure that we are inclusive of these many perspectives – I am doing an audit of our sector – and I need your help for it to be truly reflective of our collective impact/needs.

Over the next 2 months I will be distributing a series of short surveys that will assess the economic impact of the craft sector, both production and retail including training, infrastructure & space needs and exploring potential collaboration opportunities.

This first survey will help us map the economic impact the production of your work as a craft artist has on BC’s economy.

Thanks for any time you can contribute to filling out this short survey – your responses will help CCBC to better position the craft sector at the provincial level – and maybe (just maybe) garner better financial and promotional opportunities for the artists that work within it.