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Are you madly rushing to get your application to the 2016 Vancouver Summer Market ready? Maybe you are applying to a number of craft markets right now? Don’t panic we have some tips to help you make sure your application stands out from the others!

Be organised

Read the application requirements carefully! Make sure that you provide all the submission materials that have been asked for. Be professional in your application and know that missing information may lead you to miss out!

A little extra thought goes a long way

A one-size-fits all approach just won’t do!  Make your application appeal to the jury and organizers for that specific show. Make sure the photos you choose fit their aesthetic and that the artist statements and descriptions of your work are tailored for the audience who will be reading it.

Photos, Photos, Photos!

We have spoken already on the blog about the importance of clear, accurate, well-lit and in focus photos. If you missed why photos are so important view our previous post here.


There is still some time left to apply for the 2016 Vancouver Summer Market!  If you think your work would be a good fit and you keep these tips in mind you can get your application in and stand out! View the details and application here and we wish you the best of luck.