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The Council endeavors to create and participate in events that continually build an audience for contemporary craft, which, I believe, our activities this May demonstrate.

Starting with our 3rd annual Art of Craft Lecture Series, featuring Peter Braune, Debra Sloan and Jane Kidd, our intent is to generate a community discourse around craft. This event aims to tweak the visual and intellectual interest of those who are craft curious but are too shy to visit an artist in their studio.

The next event is our 3rd annual Earring Show fundraiser (May 7th) with the Vancouver Metal Arts Association. By co-sponsoring this event we aim to enhance VMAA’s public profile and expose the general public to the spectrum of contemporary jewelry from high end one of a kind art earrings to more moderately priced fashionable handmade earrings – both a necessity for a well-honed ear! In generating funds for both organizations and the participating artists, we hopefully contribute in a small way to the sustainability of all three.

I will be attending the Arts BC conference:Place Making –  to promote our Craft, Heritage & Me program for youth – a craft appreciation program we are hoping to deliver province-wide in conjunction with regional arts councils in 2017. Larissa Blokhuis’s exhibition Into the Woods opens May 12th, where over the course of the show our staff and volunteers will support approximately 2,500 people from around the world to engage with Blokhuis’s wonderful forms. The following week our volunteers will staff a CCBC booth at the 2nd Art! Vancouver with the intent of introducing the 100,000 2-D loving attendees to the wonder that is contemporary craft.

The other important event in May is our 43rd AGM (May 16th), where our members get to discuss the exciting work we engaged in last year and explore the amazing opportunities that are planned for CCBC members in the next few years. This year’s AGM will be from 6pm – 6:45 just prior to the public lecture to be delivered by Jane Kidd.

And yes, while all activities this May are located in Vancouver, I believe the impact will go way beyond the lower mainland.