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An Exhibition by Georgina Lohan, 30th June – August 11th 2016

(Photo Credit: Georgina Lohan – ‘The Transformer’)

Georgina Lohan is a multidisciplinary artist who has a rich history in exhibiting work, teaching and arts administration. Her new exhibition, Origins, conceived as a project of speculative fiction, utilizes porcelain sculpture to explore themes of evolutionary psychology and quantum theories of spacetime (the theory that time and space are collapsed into a single field where everything exists simultaneously).

Georgina takes inspiration from the clay and other materials she works with, to find traces of the past and our own natural history.  The porcelain sculptures being exhibited in the Crafthouse Gallery are directly inspired by her research into the diverse areas of species evolution and human cultural development.

“Relationships between species evolution & adaptation, phenology & morphology, biological and human-made structures, culturally specific adaptations to a particular environment, historical artifacts and mythology, will all be creatively utilized to re-imagine the rise of our humanity.

As humans moved through their evolution, immersed in the natural world, codifying knowledge and skills into artifacts, structures, symbols, ritual and language, they where also developing a consciousness that would eventually become implicit in the creation of contemporary urban environments.” – Georgina Lohan

Georgina is challenging viewers to consider existence in a novel way.

Opening: Thursday, June 30th, 6-8 pm

@ Craft Council of BC,  1386 Cartwright Street, Granville Island