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Have you ordered your tables and chairs? Electricity? Don’t forget to get your orders in before July 8th! Details on how to order are below. In the countdown to Celebrate – The Vancouver Summer Market, we have released the exhibitor’s kit to help with all your planning. Make sure you read through this handy guide to make sure you’re as prepared as you can be for the market!

If you require any 2’x8’ tables ($20 each) or chairs ($5 each), please email your full request to no later than July 8th.  There will be no walls or pipe & drape.  Keep in mind that attractive, well designed booths help sales.

If you have not already paid for electricity and it is needed, it is available at an additional $100 per 750watts. Please email  no later than July 8th. There will be one outlet in each tent to charge cell phones/computers, etc.  This must be shared by all exhibitors in the given tent.  This will not be sufficient for lighting/machinery/kettles, etc.

Some other great tips on market preparation can be found in our interview with Lana Lepper “Artist to Artist: How to Prepare for Markets with Lana Lepper“.

Celebrate is sponsored by the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association.

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