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Father’s Day is fast approaching, and to make it easy this year we’ve put together some of our favorite gift ideas, from unique ornaments and handcrafted ceramics to beautifully shaped wood and metal art that will be sure to surprise your dad! Happy shopping!

Gerry Hebert – Wood Box $160

A perfect match of storage and beautiful handcrafted woodwork. These solid wood boxes would be a welcome addition to any games room, office or workshop. They’re handcrafted from exotic and domestic hard woods. Many hand-rubbed coats of finish give them a beautiful, everlasting lustre.

Stefanie Dueck – $125 (L – spoon), $220 (R – set of tongs)

What better pairing for your barbecue than a stainless steel and bronze flatware set? Your dad will love to put these to good use – just don’t forget the sunshine! Trained as a blacksmith, Stefanie employs both traditional and modern techniques for manipulating steel, stainless steel, copper, and bronze.

Wendy Murphy – $70 each

Give your dad some inspiration in how to get fit with these yoga-posing animals. The perfect gift to encourage a keep-fit attitude. Wendy is intrigued by the mysterious relationship we have with animals. She tries to portray the soul or character of her papier-mache subjects.

Wild Woods – Bottle Stopper $75, Business Card Holder $75

The perfect accompaniment to a bottle of wine. What better way to celebrate? This business card holder is also a superbly functional yet beautiful gift for the businessman in your life. A variety of materials are used including local placer gold and hardwoods such as diamond willow or poplar burl. Pieces are inlaid with gold, green Malachite, light-blue Turquoise and dark blue Azurite. Pieces are finished to a soft lustre using Danish Oil and buffing wax.

Jacqueline Robins – $45 each

Your dad will think of you each time he takes a sip from a mug that has been made with love by one of our artists. The images are applied with underglazes, impressing, screening and embossing. These are derivatives of traditional printmaking techniques which make these ceramics unique!

Lost Arts Cafe – $65 (L), $105 (R)

Over time, memories fade – and everyone’s story is important, so why not preserve them in a hand bound book that is made to last? In the midst of a world fully immersed in the digital age, Loralei’s goal is to create functional pieces of art that bring people closer to themselves, as well as to each other. The natural beauty of her hand bound leather journals, stitched in a combination of classic medieval styles, bring the bearer back to a time when life was to be savoured, not rushed; they are a reminder to slow down, and soak in the experiences that life offers.

Charmian Nimmo – $250 each

These cute creatures would be perfect for a green-fingered father! A whimsical addition to a gardening space or workshop – these guys can keep anyone company! Charmian is a functional potter, but in her sculptural work she loves mixing and matching found objects with things of her own making. These cute guys are inspired by her love of animals.

Julian Duerksen – $40 each

There’s nothing better than a cool cocktail in the garden when it comes to summer! These colourful glasses by Julian Duerksen remind us all that summer is right around the corner. He is intrigued by the vibrancy of lushly coloured glass as well as by the clean and simple reflective qualities of clear glass.

Arbutus Art – $24

This kitchen collection is made from beautiful arbutus wood. It was while gathering Arbutus wood for a turning project that the idea for the Arbutus Kitchen Collection was born. Ron discovered that the rough pieces of wood were so gorgeous that instead of using the wood as kindling, he made his first letter opener as a gift for his mother. Each piece is finished with food-safe walnut oil which enriches the grain.

Dominique Brechault (L)- $220 (top), $130 (bottom) & Joanne Lovett (R) – $160 (top), $140 (bottom)


These beautiful rings are made from sterling silver and would suit everyone! To help prevent your silver jewellery from tarnishing, store in an airtight container such as a zip bag. For cleaning the white
finished pieces, scrub with a thick paste of baking soda, water and a mild soap. Follow up with a good rinse. A final rub with a jewellery polishing cloth will revive the original sparkle to surfaces and chains. For the blackened silver pieces and the vermeil just wash lightly with soap and water. In 2013, Dominique received the City of Vancouver Mayor’s Award for Craft & Design. Joanna’s work is made locally, using green practices with a high percentage of re-claimed and re-refined silver and karat gold.

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