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It’s something that no-one wants to think about. But do you have a plan for your studio/workspace in the event of an emergency?

CERF+‘s Studio Protector site provides some really useful tips on how to prepare for an emergency situation, be it a fire in your studio, theft during a show or market, extending all the way to a natural disaster.

Studio Protector’s Tip of the Month

We have the ‘Celebrate – The Vancouver Summer Market‘ coming up in July, and the latest Tip Of The Month from Studio Protector relates to theft from market shows. Below are some quick measures to take to protect your artwork (source:

  • When on the road:

    • Never leave your artwork unattended. If your inventory is too large to keep with you at all times, shift coverage with a partner.

    • Be especially cautious during transitions — arriving at or leaving a hotel, setting up or breaking down your booth, for instance. Call the police if you are being followed or have reason to believe your exhibit or hotel is being “cased.”

    • Keep your vehicle well maintained. Have a full tank of gas on the last day of the show so there will be one less stop as you travel from the show.

  • At shows:

    • Design your booth so that you will be able to see all areas of your display at all times. No blind spots.

    • If possible, at the busier shows have an assistant. This is one of the best theft prevention measures.

    • Thieves often work in pairs. One distracting the artist/seller as the other takes merchandise. Do your best to be attentive to one customer at a time while being aware of others.

Celebrate – The Vancouver Summer Market is running from July 21-24 at Jack Poole Plaza, Downtown Vancouver and is sponsored by DVBIA.