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With two weeks to go until Celebrate – The Vancouver Summer Market, have you got everything organized? One thing you may want to think about is a booth buddy!

A booth buddy is a vendor on another booth that you can work alongside and help each other during the event. If you need a quick lunch or bathroom break, your stall will be covered with no hassle! It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and develop great business connections.

There are also other great benefits, such as cutting down on the equipment you bring along – by sharing your own dollies to help others get set-up you can reduce the time it takes you to get ready!

Please note – the Vancouver Convention Centre Parkade is monitored, but please be mindful of leaving thieves with an open opportunity if you leave valuables/goods in plain sight in your car.

Map of the vendor booths:


Celebrate is sponsored by the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association.