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Andrew Muir, Greg Bartels, Andrew Millard and Scott Belyea have recently worked together to release another stunning Hand Crafted documentary as part of the Hand Crafted Stories series. “The Potter” features the work of Craft Council of BC member Linda Doherty (of D bar D Studios, Inc.). We asked Andrew Muir a few questions about ‘Hand Crafted’ to find out more:

Why did your team choose ‘hand crafted’ as a theme?

Our decision to create a documentary series about makers was rooted in a genuine interest in the so-called ‘handmade revolution’, and in a desire to do some intimate character studies. It made sense to feature makers because they always have a unique story, and their work is always visually interesting – a perfect fit for video.

Has the series inspired you or any of your team to try any of the crafts documented?

We were definitely inspired by the artists and their unique talents, and one of the overall themes in their interviews is that anyone can be an artist, if they are driven. This inspired us to get a little more ‘hands on’ with our production equipment. We actually built a special camera tool that helped us to record interviews in a different way. If you watch our interviews closely, you’ll see that the speaker is looking directly at the viewer, rather than off-camera. The artist’s “personal touch” is what Hand Crafted is all about, so it naturally informed our own creative approach.

What first made you want to become a storyteller/writer/producer/director?

Each of our team members was drawn to filmmaking for different reasons – writing, cinematography, editing. But the common thread is a desire to tell stories. Our team works together because we have complementary skills, and we value each other’s perspectives.

What do you do when you are not creating fantastic documentaries?

Two of our team members are occupied almost exclusively with their kids. In fact, there was often at least one baby or toddler somewhere behind the camera when we were shooting Hand Crafted. Luckily there have been no audio issues!

You can find more of the team’s documentaries by visiting:

Writer: Andrew Muir

Cinematographer: Greg Bartels

Editors: Andrew Millard, Scott Belyea