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A message from our Executive Director Raine Mckay

Hello & Goodbye

On July 11th we welcome a new social enterprise program manager – Ema Kelly. Ema has a background in visual merchandising and retail. Her experience as U.K. glass artist gives her a keen understanding of what it takes to be a successful independent craft artist. We look forward to having both of these skill sets informing and shaping CCBC’s future social enterprise activities.

Alas, we say good-bye to Julie Larsen on July 15th. We are grateful for the immense amount of work Julie has put into streamlining Crafthouse’s systems; the opportunities she opened up for our members – Shop Wood @ VanDusen Gardens; the corporate program for commissioned awards; Audain Art Museum Gift Shop and of course, our annual Earring Show. She has introduced new sections into the shop such as the Terminal City Glass section, and introduced over a dozen new artists into the shop.

Julie’s input into the day to day running of the Council may not have been as visible, but it has been immeasurable – she is a great team member. I, for one, will sorely miss being able to bounce ideas around with her about all things Council – whether it be needed changes in our programming, solving issues within the craft sector or wayward volunteers/staff or dreaming up better ways to get just about anything done. Julie – here’s to great success in the next step of your journey!