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A message from our Executive Director Raine Mckay

New ways to engage!

This summer we have made some significant changes to how we receive information from our members. We have simplified the various processes so members won’t have to submit the same information in several places.

We have moved to using an online system called Slideroom to accept applications to the store procurement jury; awards; market and exhibition applications. This program allows you to sign in and start an application, save it and then go back later when you have all the information you were missing to update it.

Another change is that there is an administration fee when you apply for an award or exhibition – this goes towards covering the jurying costs of each of these. The application fee for the store procurement jury is a one time cost, regardless of how many times you submit a new product line for consideration for the buyers at our 3 social enterprises. I have attached the pdf that overviews the process.

The other processes we have updated are the member’s portfolio updates and SOQ applications. When dealing with either of these programs, you will need to login to the member’s portal and select the correct form from the dropdown list. The forms are automatically filled with the information stored in our member’s database so you only have to fill in the new information requested.

We hope that all of these changes will make it easier for you to participate in all of these CCBC activities!