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Please join us in welcoming Emma Kelly to our team! We are so excited that Emma will be sharing her  skills and passion for contemporary craft with us as our Social Enterprise Manager. We’d like to invite you to get  to know Emma  better in her  answers to our fun Q and A below.


What inspires you to be part of the Craft Council of BC’s team?

I loved being part of the arts and crafts community when I lived in the U.K. as a glass-maker, and I craved to become involved with like-minded people here in BC. Working for the CCBC, I feel like I am able to help support and promote the talented artisans around the area.

Can you share a fun fact about yourself?

I have a pet water snail called Garibaldi. (I shall have to bring him into work)

What is it about craft that you are most passionate about?

That every piece has a story behind it: When you see a piece of craft you’re not just seeing the finished product, you’re seeing the years of training that the artist has gone through, the development in their design process, the heart-breaking failures that they will have inevitably gone through when creating new work, and the moments of joy when they have achieved what they set out to do.

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