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We talked to Peter Braune of New Leaf Editions in the lead up to Craft, Heritage & Me – a fun and FREE session for youths aged 16 + to learn about hand-made objects. Braune looks forward to introducing participants to the field of printmaking and engaging them in thought-provoking discussions and intriguing demonstrations.


Peter Braune became interested in printmaking in high school. Coming across peculiar but interesting equipment in the corner of the classroom, he was motivated to learn to use the tools. Self-taught with an instruction manual from the teacher, he would soon begin to print t-shirts, signs and posters for the school. Since then, Peter has developed a special fascination for the field of printmaking, a passion that he carries forth to this day.

After graduation, Braune travelled across the country. He gained invaluable experience and new perspectives while visiting print shops and learning about their operations. Free-spirited and independent, he derived a greater sense of happiness and fulfillment from running his own business. Before moving to Vancouver, he managed a screen-printing workshop in Edmonton for five years.

Today, Braune runs a printmaking studio called New Leaf Editions on Granville Island. Over the past thirty years in Vancouver , he has actively and consistently reached out to the public about his works, through both lecture and exhibition. With a genuine appreciation for public engagement, Peter Braune sees Craft, Heritage & Me as a meaningful opportunity to introduce youths to the unfamiliar yet fascinating field of printmaking. He also hopes that the workshop, offering a behind-the-scene examination at print production, will serve as an enlightening experience unique from traditional gallery and museum viewing.

“You can only be glued to the computer for so long,” says Braune. “Young people need to be exposed to everything, so they can discover what they really like.”

Working as a printmaker, he inevitably devotes time to creating multiples of the same image. However, what excites him is not repetition but rather the complicated and challenging process of making prints that involves both critical thinking and problem solving. Braune also delights in learning, improving, and striving towards a goal. To adapt to the ever-changing technology, he constantly refines his art practice with enthusiasm and diligence.

Braune invites youths to participate in Craft, Heritage & Me for a rare opportunity to explore inside his studio and to see him right at work! He hopes everyone will grow to love prints not only for their exceptional creativity but also for their exquisite intricacy. Come prepared to engage in a thought-provoking discussion about the artist’s heritage, practice and aspirations!

Craft, Heritage & Me: Woodworking is available for youth aged 16 years + and is completely FREE!  No experience required. Registration opens on August 23, 9am (10am by phone) – visit False Creek Community Centre in person or by calling 604-257-8195. Session runs October 22, 12-3pm.