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Celebrate Craft… Beer! is right in the corner! With just TEN days left until the event, now is the perfect opportunity to learn more about local artists and artisans at the craft market! This blog post features craftedvan, an innovative business producing and selling creative and lovely magnetic bookmarks! Read on to find out more and don’t forget to buy your ticket at!



Craftedvan is a creative online shop specializing in producing magnetic bookmarks and fridge magnets. Not only is the hand-made craft “vibrant, punny, colourful” but it is also “happy, and just plain cute.”

Diana Luong and Erica Carreras founded craftedvan after being friends for over ten years. They began as schoolmates with a shared passion for art and craft. Years into their friendship, they have now grown into reliable business partners, working and assisting each other in design, production and sales.

Diana and Erica are motivated to create adorable little bookmarks because they wish to bring happy smiles to the faces of all book lovers who “appreciate a vibrant and happy character to read alongside them”. They love their job also for its free, creative and innovative nature as designing and producing seem more like playing to them than working. They like to say that “once it’s not fun, it’s not worth it.”

Even though they truly love what they do, the start of their business and art endeavor had not been easy.

Diana and Erica had a dream to sell hand-made crafts since their high school years. Despite starting a business in 2012, they did not open their own shop on Etsy until October, 2013. Prior to that, they had been nervous and worried about the coordination and management of an online store. After posting the first listing, they were surprised to find that running a business online had been much easier than they had expected it to be. This experience has taught Diana and Erica to step out their comfort zone to be open to new opportunities and experiences.

While managing an online store is time-consuming, huge efforts and long hours have also gone into contemplating design and selecting materials. It has taken Erica and Diana almost three years just to finalize on the ideal type of paper, magnet, color packaging and sticker to use! As the first creators on Etsy to make and sell character bookmarks, they were fortunate to enjoy a niche market but this did not stop them from continuing to learn and refine their works.

“I bet you we’ll continue to modify our creations until we’re old and grey! ” To the founders, being able to always make their products better is not a strenuous process but a valuable learning experience.

They take advantage of social media, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to promote and to improve their products. They love to chat with their customers about anything and everything, especially about why they are fascinated by certain designs and characters. As they learn to more effectively reach out to the public, both Diana and Erica have come to value customer feedback, and to appreciate advice from other designers. Diana and Erica sometimes draw inspirations from customers’ amazing experiences and fun stories. By connecting with customers, they have come to discover Vancouver as a place with many cat-lovers!

On November 5th, craftedvan will participate in Celebrate Craft… Beer! Diana and Erica hope to get to know the other exhibitors, and to introduce their fun adorable products to a new local audience!

“People should attend because it is the ultimate combination; yummy drinks and local creative products! You’ll also get ahead on your holiday shopping, too! Come check out craftedvan’s products for a good laugh and a great gift for a bookish friend! ”

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