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“Celebrate Craft… Beer!” is almost here! To give you a glimpse of the upcoming festival, we interviewed Joanna Lovett. A passionate and accomplished local artist , she can’t wait to introduce everyone to an array of her most popular and special jewelry at the craft market. Buy your ticket now to find that perfect gift for your family and friends!


Joanna Lovett is an inventive art jeweler based in Vancouver. She handcrafts rings, lockets and other intricate embellishments. Displayed at galleries and museums all across North America, her jewelry is renowned for its creative design, smooth texture, and eco-friendly materials.

Joanna always strives to create pieces that evoke emotions and create connections between the maker and the wearer. She loves to share with others the designing and making process of her work – be it a locket or a ring.

Joanna has been making jewelry for a very long time. She is both meticulous and patient in her approach to work. Joanna takes one step at a time, learning by trial and error. Striving for perfection in her creation, she also improves by constantly modifying and building upon her art pieces.

Her tasks are independent and collaborative. She works by herself when committing to the mechanics of jewelry making. When she needs to come up with ideas or hopes to get feedback, she works closely with a helper artist. Their cooperation involves a lot of “talking and bouncing of ideas.”

Joanna is a champion of environmental sustainability. With an appreciation for the lusters and pureness of gold and silver, she had installed a system in her studio to refine and reuse such valuable metals.

“It often costs more to produce this way but I think it is important to respect and reuse our precious metals rather than continually mining for more,” says Joanna.

To be a successful jeweler, you need both nimble fingers and an exceptionally creative mind. This is because there is always a demanding process involved in the putting together of every jewelry piece.

“Once a piece leaves my studio ready to be sold in a gallery, it has been thoroughly tested – this can often take up to a year,” explains Joanna.

Focused and devoted to each art endeavor, Joanna surprisingly loves to be outdoors. This is not only because of her outgoing personality. She loves travelling also because it cultivates originality and nurtures creativity. Everyday, even when she is occupied with work, she never forgets to give herself time to go outside. Regardless of rain or shine, fresh air and a little exercise always refresh her mind and re-energize her body.

After many hours of hard work, upon completion, Joanna showcases items in exhibitions and sells them at gallery shops.  While she can refine her art practice with important feedback from collectors at shows, she can also enhance her crafting skills by always doing her best to create unique pieces that appeal to gallery visitors from all walks of life.

This November 5th, from 7:30 pm – 10 pm, Joanna invites everyone to the charitable fundraiser, “Celebrate Craft… Beer!” What better way to spend an evening viewing, touching and purchasing lovely and delicate hand-made objects while contributing to Craft Council of BC’s ‘Craft, Heritage & Me’ program for under-served youth?

Buy your ticket now to enjoy a feast of sight, sound and taste and texture! Plus, you will get to have an intimate and genuine conversation with Joanna herself and to find out about other shows featuring her works that might be just right for you!