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With our ‘Celebrate Craft…Beer!’ fundraiser approaching, we wanted to learn more about the craft in craft beer! We spoke to Mauricio Lozano of Faculty Brewing Co, to learn more about the craft process behind the beer.

How would you define the term “craft beer”?

Craft beer is an artisanal beer produced at a locally owned, owner operated, independent and honest brewery. Craft Beer hides no secrets and demystifies the beer production process for the customers.

What is craft beer made from?

Lots of love, passion and fun! and only 4 ingredients. Malt, Water, Yeast and Hops. Well maybe sometimes 5 when we add a funky twist to our recipes. But no adjuncts and and macro beer tricks.

What are the main challenges of making craft beer?

On one side is to keep up with demand. There is lots of love for craft beer here in BC. On the other side is the unfortunate lack of support from local municipalities and the uphill battle against bureaucracies.

How does craft beer support the local community here in BC?

Craft beer creates community for people to meet, celebrate and have fun! It creates jobs and tourist destinations. I also showcases neighbourhoods, styles and local culture.

What is the best part of your job as a craft beer brewer?

The brewing Community there is so much support and collaboration from other brewers. There is no real competition just friendship!

Tickets for Celebrate Craft…Beer! on Saturday November 5 are available via Eventbrite.

Faculty Brewing Co can be found at 1830 Ontario St, Vancouver, BC.