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Hope Forstenzer has been fascinated for years with classic fairy tales, stories, legends, and creatures. Stories For Children will use a classic source of joy for kids – a bunch of balloons – to showcase a wide variety of the things that children have been told will come get them if they’re not well behaved, and things that lurk in closets and under bed, lying in wait until the lights go out.

42 blown glass balloons engraved with images of monsters, villains, clowns, bogeymen, witches and more from all over the world will fill the Seymour Art Gallery, all lit from within, just in time for Halloween.

The show runs from October 26 – November 19
Opening cocktail party October 30 6-8 pm, costumes optional
Artist talk November 6, 2pm, Seymour Art Gallery, 4360 Gallant Ave, North Vancouver, BC