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Growing up, Lydia Buxton had always been fascinated by art and craft, though her exposure to handcrafted jewelry in rural BC was limited. As a child she reveled in fashioning necklaces from glass seed beads. Her love for the creative inspired her to pursue an arts degree at NSCAD University, which rekindled her childhood interest of texture and form. In her second year at school, she was exposed to metal studios and took an immediate interest in contemporary art jewelry.

Today, Lydia identifies as a contemporary metal smith valuing the process as much as the final product. “The Weight of the Them”, is one of her creations that will be on display at the upcoming exhibition “UNEXPECTED”. The neckpiece features forty freshwater pearls hidden beneath a braid of linen. The pearls come in direct contact with the wearer’s neck, their cool and smooth surface at first demanding a physical response from the body.

“I intend the pearls to stand as metaphors for the small reminders of those moments that arise often unexpectedly in daily life – a whiff of peony, or the crush of wet grass – a quiet transport to a personal place of remembered delight,” explains Lydia.

As an independent artist, Lydia devotes time to both artistic creation and business management that together require a unique blend of creativity, enterprise and talent.  Ever observant, she pays close attention to textures, gaining inspiration from all places – be it a trip to a second hand shop to a walk in nature.  As an innovative creator, she “always keeps an eye out for new prospects” and is not afraid to experiment with new materials and techniques. Before starting a project, she allows materials to mingle on her workbench letting the colours, textures and forms cultivate her process and feed her imagination.

Lydia invites everyone to “UNEXPECTED”, an exhibition by the Vancouver Metal Arts Association that will feature internationally accomplished jewellers with an array of specialties. Those who harbour an interest in art and the hand-made will appreciate the plethora of inventive and thoughtful creations. Drop by the Craft Council of BC Gallery from November 24 to December 8 to view and interact with contemporary jewelry of all shapes and sizes!