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Celebrate Craft… Beer! is this Saturday (Nov 5th) ! In this interview, learn about an emerging Vancouver-based business that sells hand-made marshmallows!


Welcome to the world of marshmallows. No wait, it should be Goodmallows!

Goodmallows is an emerging Vancouver-based business that sells hand-made marshmallows of organic ingredients and natural flavours. Joanna McIntyre founded the business only a year ago but it is garnering attention and rising in popularity at an impressive rate!

With an adventurous spirit that always inspires her to pursue new experiences and challenges, Joanna opened the business, motivated to make marshmallows that challenge conventional beliefs. Her products do not have preservatives and artificial ingredients; they also have more fresh and rich flavours extracted from the best produce. Grass fed Bovine gelatin, pure honey, organic cane sugar… Joanna hopes that Goodmallows will be a safe choice by mothers for their children. She also hopes that it will give people new perspectives of marshmallows not as dangerously sugary snacks but as “mindful” treats.

Because she hand-makes Goodmallows and manages the business all by herself, every single day, Joanna faces a plethora of problems from production to marketing to sales. Rather than becoming overwhelmed by the challenges of a new business venture, she pushes herself to adapt to discomfort and deal with stress. In this process, she has acquired new skills and learned to effectively overcome unexpected obstacles.

Joanna loves her craft. Her passion is reflected by the countless hours she commits to creating and striving for that perfectly delicious and memorable flavour. She is not only an enthusiastic innovator but also a responsible and ethical entrepreneur. This is because even when ingredients are expensive and production is time-consuming, she never trades quality for convenience. To Joanna, Goodmallows is not merely a food product. It is an embodiment and reflection of her values. You can feel in just one soft and sweet bite that she genuinely cares for her customers and that she always strives to make her products healthier and safer.

Joanna is serious and professional when hand-crafting Goodmallows. But when she is promoting the snack at markets or online, she becomes witty and humorous. One quick visit to the website,, will equip you with doses of funny jokes to share with family and friends at the dining table. Not to mention photos on instagram that will not only provide an inside look at the making of Goodmallows, but will also stimulate your taste buds so much to literally make you drool!

What are you still waiting for? Join Joanna and Goodmallows at Celebrate Craft… Beer! on November 5th. Buy your ticket NOW to catch a fantastic opportunity to enjoy tasty beer and to connect with local talented artists and artisans. How much more jovial can the atmosphere get on a November evening when you can try free samples of Goodmallows and purchase the delicious and healthy gifts that your children, family and friends will all enjoy?