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In this blog post, learn about the expertise and aspiration of Michael Hamilton-Clark, a vibrant artist who creates pieces using the art of woodturning. Michael is one of three amazing artists creating art with wood, who will share their practice and experience in Craft, Heritage & Me on January 21st from 12 -3 pm. Youths aged 12-17 are invited to sign up NOW to learn about contemporary craft. Join Michael to witness the wonders of how a beautifully turned wooden item comes into existence, and to actively engage with the woodturning demonstration through questions and hands-on work!


Michael Hamilton-Clark is a vibrant artist passionate and knowledgeable about woodturning, art and photography.

Based in Chilliwack in his Albery Studio, named after his grandchildren, Alex, Ben and Ryan, Michael uses a lathe to create a diverse range of items, from pens to bowls, plates and decorative pieces. Captivated by the interesting and “magical” process of woodturning, he has engaged in the activity for more than ten years. Michael delights in unleashing forms from logs and planks, whilst also paying attention to details in the crafting of elegant and practical items.


Michael has a flair for artistic form and color. Thanks to a mother who was an accomplished wood colorist and a father who was an avid photographer, Michael developed an interest in art and craft at a young age.

His parents may have inspired his passion in woodworking, but Michael reached where he is today through his own hard work and persistence. While he has gained a comprehensive knowledge on how to correctly and effectively use the lathe and turning tools, he continues to develop his sense of proportion and form and to constantly nurture and strengthen a deep desire and commitment to learning and personal progress.


In his free time, Michael also enjoys taking photos in black and white and creating artwork via his laptop using computer graphics programs. Working overseas in countries such England, Ghana, and United Arabs Emirates provided many opportunities for Michael to use his hobbies to record and document life’s beauty and vibrancy. While living in different regions, he captured sights and landscapes that appealed to him. While continuing to travel in retirement, Michael is still learning about other cultures, from which he is still developing an original approach to the creation and production of woodturnings. Whether it is the hot desert, the tropical or the temperate, on his trips, he constantly gains inspirations and broadens his creative perspective.


Whilst living and working abroad satisfied Michael’s curiosity for new knowledge and experiences, retirement and now working at home allows him to stay close to his family and grandchildren.  As an artist in British Columbia, Michael is grateful everyday for the stunning scenery that stimulates his imagination and for the variety of woods that make his woodturning possible. Wishing to connect with more people about his work and aspirations, Michael invites youths aged 12-17 to get involved in “Craft, Heritage and Me”, a free fun and educational program taking place at Granville Island on January 21st, to learn about the value of contemporary craft and how it relates to the artist’s experience and heritage.  Participants will not only witness the wonders of how a beautifully turned wooden item comes into existence, but also actively engage with the woodturning demonstration through questions and hands-on work. Michael hopes everyone will develop an interest and an appreciation for the often unfamiliar yet fascinating field of woodturning!


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Craft, Heritage & Me: Woodworking is available for youth aged 12-17 and is completely FREE!  No experience required. Session runs January 21st, 12-3pm on Granville Island.