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Over this past year you may have purchased work from our store, exhibited in our gallery, sold work through our social enterprises, found an amazing opportunity by reading the e-news or perhaps enjoyed attending one of our many events that celebrated craft and the artists that create it.

In addition to the activity you participated in and our regular member support did you know that in 2016 CCBC paid out more than $125,165 to artists; promoted our members work to 83,957 visitors in our space on Granville Island; provided ongoing retail/commission opportunities for 213 artists; delivered exhibition opportunities for 53 artists; welcomed 39 new members; introduced 13 new artists in the GI shop, 4 at YVR and 23 at Audian Art Museum shop; 34 artists went through Standards of Quality; supported ‘one-on-one’ proposal writing & social media sessions for 24 artists; hosted 8 amazing exhibits onsite; celebrated 6 artists through awards, bursaries and nominations; promoted our members through 7 online videos; co-sponsored 1 community event; delivered presentations at 1 conferences; hosted 2 fundraising events; set up a ceramics residency in China and in conjunction with HCMA architects we finalized a functional plan for a new BC Centre of Craft and have started planning where to build.
To ensure these opportunities are there for you next year, please consider an extra gift this season – you can make a difference with:

  • a donation of $35 supports our membership outreach
  • a donation of $50 ensures one on one coaching for artists around their practice
  • a donation of $100 ensures we can pay a juror for a Standards of Quality session
  • a donation of $250 allows us to secure a venue for the Art of Craft series
  • a donation of $500 covers the promotion costs for two annual exhibitions
  • a donation of $1,000 provides the matching funds for one of our bi-annual awards
  • a donation of $2,500 will help support the renovation of our Granville Island Shop

Donate here!

Thank you for any amount of gift you are able to share
and know, we couldn’t be there for artists if you weren’t there for us!!