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At the Crafthouse gift shop at YVR there is a selection of the small wooden boxes that Michael Hamilton-Clark makes. He tells us how displaying his work at the airport has supported his sales to a wider, international audience!


In October last year I received an e-mail from a lady travelling from Australia to visit her son and family in Montreal.  She advised that whilst she was in transit at YVR she had seen my boxes and wondered if I could make some for her. She wanted twenty, all in various kinds of Maple, and the lids would need to have a 1/8th inch recess and a disc to fit. She explained she did embroidery and would cover the disks in material and embroider them then glue them in place. She had done a number of such boxes as made by a local turner using local Australian woods, and, having seen my boxes, thought it’d be fun to do some in other woods. I replied to advise I could do as she asked and we set up a Skype call to discuss details and for her to see possible profiles and the variety of grain patterns in locally available Maple.  As finalized, there was to be a standard profile, being 2-in dia x 4-in high with a slight waisting using plain Maple along with grades AA and AAA figured Maple.


So, having one’s work on display at the Crafthouse YVR gift shop can lead to expanding one’s geographic reach and interesting inter-craft creations.

Michael Hamilton-Clark