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The opening date is approaching for ‘Inspired by Material & Process’ an exhibition displaying the work of five emerging artists at the Craft Council of BC Gallery.  In the lead up to to this exhibition we asked textile artist Laura Meyers some questions to find out more about her art practice and inspirations.

Briefly describe your medium of art. What kind of artist would you characterize yourself for

My name is Laura Meyers. I am a textile/fibre artist. My work is highly personal. I use my art-making as a way to understand and share my experiences. Materials inspire and inform the processes I choose; however, there is always a strong conceptual component to my work.
What are the general characteristics of your work?

My work contains layers; literally through the layering of materials and technically by applying multiple techniques to the same piece (even my woven work is heavily hand-manipulated after it comes off the loom). I am drawn to natural fibres and naturally occurring colours. Typically, I use a monochromatic or restricted colour palette. I often combine rustic materials with ones that are highly refined.
What inspired your interests in this medium?

My earliest memories are of the colours and patterns on my mother’s clothing. When I was four years old, my great-aunt taught me to knit. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t knitting, sewing, or making something. It’s simply part of who I am.
Briefly tell us an interesting story behind one of your favourite creations that will be on
display in the February exhibition.

Making art allows me to see my experiences from a different perspective. The body of work for this show is based on my son’s spinal curvature. His scoliosis is not a new issue but due to the recent worsening of the curve, a surgical intervention became part of the discussion for the first time (an anxiety inducing prospect for any parent). My intention with this work is to explore the curve through a variety of techniques and to share the beauty that exists in the “imperfect”.

What do you love about connecting with the public about your work?

To be honest, meeting the public is terrifying for me, but once I get over my fear, I love to discuss my creative process and the techniques I use to create the pieces in the show.

Why should people come to the exhibition?

To me, the most interesting part of looking at art is the glimpse you get into someone else’s mind; how they think, work, and function. We are five artists that share a starting point, being inspired by materials and process, yet our thoughts will lead to very diverse results. I’m looking forward to sharing and seeing it.

Inspired by Material & Process runs  Feb 2nd, 2017 – March 16th, 2017
@ Craft Council of BC
1386 Cartwright Street, Granville Island