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As the participants of the “Connections” show met over dinner, Eleanor Hannan joked that we were divided into indoor and outdoor girls. Naturalists are a hardy bunch, venturing out in nasty weather, cameras and field guides in hand. Artists hunker down in their studios, imagining and making, casting the odd wistful glance out the window. Well, stereotyping aside, the three of us doing the ‘making’ have been putting in the hours indoors, but incorporating imagery, experiences and ideas our collaborators have brought or led us towards.


Eleanor and Bengül ventured outdoors together on snowshoes and later hiked around the Capilano Canyon. Since Bengül’s work involves water treatment facilities, they began to discuss water. She drew Eleanor an extended diagram of the whole filtration process which ultimately formed the central theme of their project. We follow how the snow on the finely-stitched, monochromatic mountains melts into water, is filtered and fills a glass in the city. This work discusses how nature is brought indoors, how pipes and machinery join grand vistas to our basic needs. In addition to all the technical details, Eleanor incorporates humour, elegant draftsmanship and thirst.

by Bettina Matzkuhn