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so this morning when i went to pick out my earrings – i chose my little glass beads – very simple and inexpensive – my thoughts flickered to our shop manager, who is an amazing glass artist – would she appraise them as inferior? which is silly cause it is not likely she or anyone else would give them a second thought and if they did, I am sure they would be too polite to say anything:)

strange though, that i would allow this little adornment meant to evoke joy in me, to cause me any consternation. l love earrings as the exquisite pieces of art that they are but i love my earrings – all 43 – because they reflect a small shard of my life story.

these earrings are from a women’s collective in Taiwan. i was invited there by the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute to explore the opportunity for our two cultures to work together. the two weeks i traveled around the island meeting their indigenous artists was amazing, the people and their collective appreciation and support for craft was unparalleled. these lovingly made earrings always cheer me up and take me back to the laughter and giggles the women of the collective had at my expense as i tried my hand at creating a bead. a good day with good people.

what is one of your earring stories?