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In my life as an artist I have made hundreds of portraits.  Not in the standard way necessarily of making portraits but instead as expressions of design, interpretations of features and evocations of meaning. I mean, they didn’t necessarily look like exact people but they were a vehicle for me as the artist to delve into both technique and feeling.

Portrait 6 EH Portrait 5 EH

I have also taught many courses working with the face in various ways: expressively, realistically, creatively, graphically and in terms of simple design and in many media.

I am just getting started on this show scheduled for August at CCBC, after a few years of working and showing other bodies work.

Come with me and I will explain how I plan work for this show.

A good deal of my work portrait and other over the last few years has been labour intensive hand embroidery. It’s a huge effort and discipline to keep an edge of spontaneity in something so labour intensive, its easy to lose the freedom of line for example in the sheer hand work.

Portrait 9 EHMedPort1 EHSelf Port 3 EH
For this show I had proposed to work with faces; expressive, loose, spontaneous, in cloth, stitch, over stitch, applique, silkscreen, block printing, (with reference to anatomy…I know…crazy…..)

MedPort2 EH

Two large new textile portraits will be spontaneously created, as well as a collection of other face-related, portrait pieces (in textile media) for meaning and context, its going to be a fun and challenging ride, I am nervous, but I know you are there.

I will also be stitching in the gallery creating spontaneous faces.

portrait 10 EH

Eleanor Hannan