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100 Mile Living FINAL LOGONew website builds community networks of makers, growers and local shoppers

The 100 Mile Living team launched in March of this year, to support local entrepreneurs and business owners like yourselves. Medea and Natalie had three goals in mind when developing the site:

  • Provide an easy way for shoppers to find locally made and grown products when they want or need them rather than relying on chance, impulse buying or spending hours online searching for specific items;
  • Create a low risk, no cost opportunity for makers and creators of all kinds, wherever they live, to increase the visibility of their products, their businesses and the places where their products are sold;
  • Enable informed, value-based shopping decisions by incorporating transparency into the listing process. People can learn the backstory of the creator or business, where products are made, where inputs come from, whether the product has environmental benefits and if the business supports a social cause.

According to the “5 Must Watch Trends” identified by the Business Development Bank of Canada, 50% of consumers search online prior to a purchase. taps into that trend and brings you another means of expanding your market, all for free.