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GUILLAUME A Le Camouflage Gourmand FRONT GUILLAUME A Le Camouflage Gourmand BACK

Aurelie’s work celebrates the history of enamelling and its longstanding tradition of storytelling dating back most notably to the Byzantine era, where enamelling was used to depict religious icons.

Using these traditional techniques, her work revives the medium through a contemporary context fuelled by street art, comics, pop art and counter culture. Employing a combination of jewellery techniques and illustration, her work mixes high and low art, while transporting viewers into a world more colourful and dreamlike than our own.

Through the process of enamelling, her illustrations transcend the two-dimensional realm of paper and are given new life in the physical world as wearable objects. With this work, Aurelie is reviving the traditions of enamelling, as well as bringing sculpture and illustration into the context of contemporary jewellery.

Two of her brooches are currently available in the CCBC Gallery exhibition Seeing Red: a National Exhibition of Art Jewelry. Featured above is Le Camouflage Gourmand: Enamel on copper, sterling and fine silver, powder coat, stainless steel.

For more information about the exhibition, CLICK HERE