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Tzimtzum – Trascendence by Barbara Heller

World Tapestry Now marks the 30th anniversary of the landmark 1988 exhibition World Tapestry Today, the catalyst for ATA’s subsequent program of American Tapestry Biennial exhibitions.

The online and in print exhibition features the work of 43 contemporary tapestry artists from around the world.

CCBC would like to congratulate Barbara Heller for being the First Place winner of the Teitelbaum Award with her tapestry Tzimtzum – Trascendence at World Tapestry Now!

Learn more about World Tapestry Now show here.

Check out the catalogues available on the ATA Website.

One artist will be recognized with the People’s Choice award. When you visit the exhibition online, you will have the opportunity vote for your favorite piece.  Everyone who places a People’s Choice Award vote will be entered in a drawing to win a 5 inch Mirrix travel loom.


Image: Barbara Heller, Tzimtzum – Transcendence
96″ x 48,” linen, wool, cotton, rayon, and silk
Teitelbaum Award winner, First Place